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What is Soil?

True topsoil is found in native soil. It is the top layer of soil, which can be 4 to 12 inches in depth. The texture and compilation of materials may vary. Many call it dirt, we like to call it soil. There are several different types of soil found at your local nursery or home center garden center. The most common types are garden soil, potting soil, and native soil. However, topsoils that are more loamy are often best because they are rich in organic matter. They hold not only moisture, but also an entire ecosystem of beneficial microbial life. Besides, these have nutrients that contribute for healthy plant growth.

What is Topsoil Used for?

Topsoil purchased at a recycling center such as Collier Recycling Center in Naples, can be an economical way to amend your garden bed and lawn. There are different types of topsoil, so be sure you pick the one best suited for your project. The good type contains the necessary nutrients for your plants to survive. It can help protect plants and seedlings, as well as correct soil issues like improper pH levels and limestone. This type is considered a blended topsoil and tends to be more like a garden soil. The two in many ways, could be considered one-and-the-same since they perform the same function when mixed with native soil.

Blended Soil

Certain blended type, for example, can help to improve soil drainage. Using a sandy-blend topsoil with organic matter mixed into the native soil will help provide better drainage, allowing water to penetrate deeper which contributes to stronger root development.
Blended soil, like garden soil, can be used for many in-ground applications, including new builds, like new lawns, new garden beds, or replacing a previously paved area with plants, areas affected by soil erosion and damaged and heavily used areas of lawns.

Benefits of Topsoil

Because of these benefits, you may find yourself needing to use less water, and reduced use of pesticides – giving you more time to focus on the other aspects of your garden, like planting, harvesting, seasonal swap-outs, and more.

The most common use for bagged topsoil is a top-dressing on damaged areas of the lawn or garden. It typically contains little nutrient value but are a great filler or top-dressing. It can fill in bare spots, low spots, or heavily trafficked areas that are beaten down. You will need to watch the soil structure, as the topsoil may change the pH level. If you notice any changes, a soil test can help determine next steps to take. Topsoil is typically several inches deep, so if your topsoil is thin or even nonexistent, it may be a good idea to consider applying topsoil or garden soil to your garden. Check the topsoil you choose to see what ingredients it contains, and look for specialty blends or garden soils if you need pH correction, better drainage, or more nutrients.

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